Human Design Readings

What is Human Design?

We are deeply complex, energetic Beings having a Human experience. What Human Design shows us is our basic energetic blueprint, the energies that our soul chose to embody in this lifetime. Human Design is an intricate and alchemical synthesis of esoteric and western sciences, including tropical astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Hindu energy centers and Quantum Physics.

It shows us how our energy is uniquely designed to flow through life and how we are designed to make our decisions. It is like being given the keys to the operating system that lies deep beneath the surface of our self.

Human Design also shows us where we have been susceptible to conditioning in our life; where we have been conditioned to act, speak, be and live in a certain way, and also where we take in and amplify energy from others.  This is our conditioned-self; the self that was born from our conditioning, and thus is not expressing as our True Self. By bringing awareness to these energies, to the conditioning in each center, we can start to expand out of our conditioned self and start living a life that is more authentic and true for us. This is called the process of de-conditioning, and by going through this process, we get reacquainted with our core Truth and start truly living as our True Self. We become much more aware of the energies at play within us and others, and our life will begin to flow with much more ease, grace and authenticity.

Learning about my Human Design has completely changed my life. It has revealed things about my energetic functioning that nothing else has. It's allowed me to find a deeper level of acceptance for self and others, in recognizing the unique ways that each one of us is designed to function. I've gained valuable insights and awarenesses that have led to more harmony, ease and grace and much less resistance in my life.

If you feel called to dive deep into your unique functioning and learn how to live by your design, inviting a more harmonious flow into your life, I invite you to book a session and start unlocking the keys to your unique energetic blueprint.

Individual Reading

90 min: $133 - $188

In this reading, you will learn about the basics and foundations of your BodyGraph, which include the most important aspects you need to know to start living by your Design today. You will gain a basic understanding and awareness of the various aspects of your BodyGraph and the terminology of Human Design. This will give you the knowledge needed to research further on your own if you desire. I will also guide you in how to put this information into practice and start living according to your design...which is the ultimate purpose and intention of learning this information in the first place. This reading includes a typed detailed report for you to keep to reference back to, as you experiment with your Design.

Composite Chart Reading

2 hours: $300 - $400

Human Design can show us how the energies, conscious and unconscious, will flow between two specific people; these are called composite chart readings. In a composite chart reading, two charts are overlaid on top of each other, creating a third chart. This shows you where each person will be influenced by the other's energy Centers and how the Centers will interact together. This reading will also show you the specific types of energetic connections you have between the Gates and Channels. In Human Design there are four types of energetic connections: electromagnetic, companion, dominance and compromise connections. Having an awareness of the way our energies are naturally designed to flow with another person, can allow for a deeper understanding and acceptance of this connection and of each other and can lead to a more harmonious flow of energies and a deeper connection between two people. This reading includes a typed detailed report for each person to reference back to during your experiment.

Human Design Workshop

3 hours - $333

This Human Design Workshop is great for a private event, a retreat or even a festival. Everyone will learn the basics of Human Design, including the history of this modality and how to decode and read the BodyGraph. You will gain a foundational awareness and understanding of this system and learn how to integrate it into your life and start living by your Design. This is a fun and interactive experience that creates a deep sense of connection and bonding amongst the group, allowing everyone to understand one another through the lens of Human Design.

Human Design Coaching

3-month Journey: $3,000

This is a 3-month deep-dive journey for anyone who wants to understand the Human Design System on a deeper level and to unlock your unique energetic blueprint. This system is here to be used as a tool, to be applied to your life and experimented with. I will guide you through the process of de-conditioning and offer specific ways in which you can start working with your Design. You will learn how to understand experiences and connections in your daily life through the lens of Human Design. When we start truly living by our Design, life starts flowing more smoothly and harmoniously, and we are met with less resistance. Living by your Design allows you to utilize your energy in the most efficient way possible, which will lead to the activation of your highest potential in this life.

The Power of Sound Healing

"The body is made up of sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune." -Deepak Chopra

Sound is a powerful and ancient healing modality. When we look at the basics of everything, on the atomic level, it is all vibration. Everything we see before us is vibrating, or resonating, at a specific frequency. We can look at different body parts and see that they are each resonating at their own specific frequency. When there is illness or dis-ease within the body, it starts on an energetic level. If the disharmony is not addressed, it will flow down into the physical body, causing the frequency of a specific body part or organ to be out of alignment.

Science has now shown that emotions which are buried and not allowed to express, will get trapped in the physical body. Over time these stuck emotions will cause dis-ease within the body. Sound healing and energy work allows us to get to the source of the issue, working on the energetic level. When those emotions are allowed to release, when they are no longer blocked, the physical body will heal and go back to a state of health and harmony. Using instruments that emit healing frequencies, combined with intention can create healing and bring the body's frequencies back into balance and harmony. This is an ancient and powerful healing modality that has only recently been rediscovered.

Holographic Sound Alchemy

A Journey Through the Cosmos

This is a Cosmic and Multidimensional sound healing session, during which I will be utilizing vocal harmonics and various vibrational instruments to assist you in aligning with your highest Self and accessing the self-healing power that lies within. I work with Holographic Alchemy, sacred geometry, the Hathors and the Angelic Realms, channeling this Cosmic Energy to cleanse and balance all of your Chakras and energetic field, bringing your frequency into alignment for optimal health and vitality. This can be beneficial for any type of physical ailment or pain, dis-ease or illness, mental or emotional issues, and any blocks in the energetic body.

Each session is unique and intuitively guided to be tailored to your specific energy field and needs. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, inner peace and connection to the Divine Energy that exists within you.

Individual Session: 1 hour: $133

Couples Session: 1 hour: $188

Private Group Sessions: 1 hour: $222

Vibrational Therapy Sessions

In these sessions, I work 1:1 with vibrational instruments that produce a deep resonance that is felt within the body. I work with the Buffalo Drum over the body, creating a cocoon of grounding energy and deep vibrations that penetrate the body. I work with various tuning fork protocols, including some that stimulate the Vagus Nerve to promote healing throughout the body, as well as a Chakra Attunement to clear and align all of your Chakras. I will also place Himalayan bowls on and around the body, chiming them so that the vibrations are felt directly through the body. These bowls are specifically used for the vibrations they produce, rather than their sound.

This is a full-body experience that will create deep state of meditative relaxation which helps to de-stress mind and body. This can have a profound impact on mental, emotional, energetic and physical health and well-being. These healing frequencies, combined with intention, can clear energy blockages and allow for your energies to align and harmonize to your own authentic frequency.

90-Minute Session: $188

60-Minute Session: $133

30-Minute Session: $77

Channeled Light Healing

This is an energy healing modality that can be considered an upgraded form of Reiki. I open myself to be a channel for the highest and purest Love & Light, streaming from the Cosmic realm, to flow through me and to you. These sessions may feel similar to a Reiki Healing session. It is optional to include sound healing instruments in these sessions, in which case, I will channel healing light frequencies through the vibrational instruments being played. The instruments will amplify the healing energies streaming through for you to receive. This energy is actively channeled in all of my sessions - sound healing and vibrational therapy. The various modalities I have studied and trained in morph together to create a unique synergy of multiple healing practices. This provides for a quantum, multidimensional healing experience.

These sessions can be beneficial for any type of physical ailment or pain, dis-ease or illness, mental or emotional issues, and any blocks in the energetic body. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, inner peace and connection to the Divine Energy that exists within you.

Individual Session: 1 hour: $133

Couples Session: 90 min: $188