Holographic Sound Healing and Human Design Readings

I offer group events and personal healing sessions combining multiple modalities


Each session is unique and intuitively guided to be tailored to your specific energy field and needs. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, inner peace and connection to the Divine Energy that exists within you.

Holographic Sound Healing

During my sound healing sessions, I utilize vocal harmonics and various vibrational instruments to assist you in aligning with your highest self and accessing the self-healing power that lies within you. This can be beneficial for any type of physical ailment or pain, dis-ease or illness, mental or emotional issues, and any blocks in the energetic body.

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Human Design Readings

I offer intuitive Human Design readings to help you to understand your unique energetic blueprint. Understanding your human design can be life-changing and will help you to flow through life with more ease and grace and a deeper understanding of your unique way of functioning.

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Channeled Light Healing

This is an energy healing modality that can be considered an upgraded form of Reiki. I open myself to be a channel for the highest and purest Love & Light, streaming from the Cosmic realm, to flow through me and to you. These sessions can be beneficial for any type of physical ailment or pain, dis-ease or illness, mental or emotional issues, and any blocks in the energetic body.

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What my clients say

"I left Echo’s sound healing feeling so light, seen, and held!"

Before we started she took the time to check in with me, to see how I was feeling, and my intention for our time. Even over the internet her calm, caring vibe flows through. She had even taken the time to set her space, and lit incense. During the session I moved lots of energy through Echo's variety of instruments and her beautiful voice. The divine channels through her!

Lindsay Lee
"The meditation was almost like being in ayahuasca ceremony."

Echo, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for you holographic sound healing. It was beyond amazing. I have had sound healing before but this was a total level up. The meditation was almost like being in ayahuasca ceremony. It definitely helped me tap into a part of myself that normal sound healing has not taken me to. I totally recommend this for anyone and can't wait to experience your magic music again!

Dusti Pate
"Echo's Virtual Sound healing is transcending!"

Right away I felt ease and calm as I set into this healing meditation. I easily fell into my third eye. I was taken to another world and shown that I am vast and expand time and other worlds. All the time I felt so held and safe. To say it was amazing is an understatement. I recommend this to any and every open soul!


About Echo Forest

I am an intuitive light worker and multidimensional sound healer with many years of experience in self-healing. It was during my own personal healing journey, through the use of sacred plants and spiritual healing, that led me to study energy work and sound healing. I view life through a spiritual lens and I am committed to a daily spiritual practice ‐ one that shifts and expands along with the ever-evolving nature of life.

I am passionate about ascension work, meditation, natural healing modalities, Human Design, community and authentic connection to self and others. I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle, embracing all aspects of life and living in the Now. I have a deep connection with nature and animals, which serves as my greatest teacher, healer and source of inspiration.

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Certified Holographic Sound Healer

By the Institute for Holographic Sound & Inner Balance

Certified Channeled Light Healer

By Alyssa Malehorn

Certified Reiki Master

In Usui Reiki

Certified in Plant Based Nutrition

By the Center for Nutrition Studies

BA in Psychology

From the University of North Texas

Minors in Counseling and Behavior Analysis

Additional Studies

Human Design, Qi-gong, psychic development, herbalism, authentic relating and psychedelic integration