Meet Echo

My spiritual journey began long before I was consciously aware of it. As a child, I had an innate understanding and awareness that I was a spiritual being living a temporary human existence. I have some prominent placements in the 8th house in my astrology, so the topic of death has always been a theme and fascination for me. I remember times as a child when I would ponder the concept of death from a place of curiosity, wondering what the process would be like, what it would feel like and where I would go when I transcended this life. I had the innate awareness that I would go somewhere when this life ends, that this life on Earth was not all that existed. My psychic channels were quite open as a child, and I had many "out-of-body" experiences and awarenesses that I didn't fully understand until I began working with ceremonial plant medicines, nearly 6 years ago. I had many moments in my childhood where, unbeknownst to me, I would utilize energetic protection tools during times of feeling fear. I can recall being scared at night, due to fear of paranormal experiences that I didn't understand, and using a protective energy shield, a bubble, that I would surround myself with that no other energies could penetrate. This is how I felt safe enough to fall asleep many nights. Little did I know, I would later be taught to use similar energetic shields or protection tools while training in various energy healing modalities.

In my adult life, I have experienced a lot of connection and communication with loved ones who have transcended. This connection has expanded and deepened exponentially through many years of working with sacred plants, yoga & meditation, studying and practicing energy work, Qigong, and through the use of EMDR and IADC - two forms of hypnotherapy that are profound treatments for trauma and PTSD. All of this has led me to have a deep and profound trust in my spiritual views and my energetic perception of life.

I was led down the path of sound healing and energy work from my first experience with ceremonial plant medicine, nearly six years ago. After suffering for over 2 1/2 years from PTSD, Ayahuasca came into my life and had a profound experience on my healing and my path of ascension.

I remember so clearly the first time I drank Ayahuasca in ceremony and the incredible crystalline frequencies that shot through my head from right to left. These sounds were piercing through all the music and sound in the room, and it was by far the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in this life. It was a multi-dimensional experience, as I became one with this frequency piercing my being: hearing it, seeing it, feeling it, becoming it. During each ceremony after that one, the frequencies returned but on a grander scale. They began expanding to deliver a vast spectrum of frequencies and audio-visual experiences. I believe it was these frequencies that led me to study and work with sound and energy as powerful tools for healing.

I dove deeply into the path of spiritual healing and ascension work through the use of Sacred Plant Medicine. I thought I was only healing from PTSD, but spirit had something else in mind entirely! The amount of shadow frequencies that surfaced to be healed was astounding and showed me how challenging the path of spiritual healing and ascension can be. While it's not an easy road, it is well worth the effort it requires and provides massive benefits that I can now see clearly. I wouldn't choose any other path for myself.

As I continued to clear out my channel and raise my frequency, integrating the lessons and insights from the medicine ceremonies and expanding my perception of life and awareness of self, I embarked on the path of studying sound and energy healing. During this time, I went through one of the darkest most crippling times of my life, a true dark night of the soul. I spent most days in a puddle of tears on the floor, barely able to function, not sure how to cope with what I was experiencing. It was during this time that I turned to the modalities I had just trained in: Reiki, Channeled Light Healing, Holographic Sound Healing and other self-healing modalities. I used these tools on myself every single day for several months. I was blessed with the ability to understand their power and potency while witnessing the transformation I experienced within myself as a result of using these healing techniques. I was truly able to pull myself out of this dark hole that felt impossible to come out of, by using the healing modalities I had trained in. That was a profound experience which taught me to really trust in these energetic healing tools, and one that was important for me to go through before embarking on using these healing modalities on others.

Human Design first entered my awareness in early 2019 when a friend of mine started sharing about it. He looked up my chart, showed me my BodyGraph and gave me a couple small tidbits of information about my Design. I remember the first time I looked at my BodyGraph and thought, "What the heck is this, and what does it mean?!" I had no idea what to make of it and felt utterly perplexed by the sight of it. However, I was definitely intrigued.

Later that year, in July of 2019 I left the country on a one-way ticket to Costa Rica with intentions to release my programming from society in the States and learn to live in a different way. When I arrived, I found myself surrounded by people who were very proficient with Human Design and Gene Keys. During this time, I learned even more about my design, but still, no one really taught me what the different aspects of my BodyGraph and Design meant. I was still left feeling quite confused, yet even more intrigued by the modality.

Human Design remained in my awareness until the fall of 2021, when a friend of mine sparked my interest to dive deeper into this unique modality. It was then that I began absorbing all the info I could find on Human Design, learning more and more about myself through this lens and actively integrating this information to start living by my design.

Human Design has revealed a deep layer of truth as to how my being is energetically designed to function. It has shown me things about myself that nothing else had revealed to me - even 6 years of working with ceremonial plant medicine! It's allowed me to find a deep level of acceptance for myself and release societally-imposed shame and guilt that I've carried. I've learned there are certain ways that my energy is designed to function that society had told me was wrong. I now have a framework to view life through an energetic lens - Human Design has given me the terminology and structure to describe the energies I was already feeling. It is a beautiful system that has completely changed my life by allowing a more harmonious flow of energies. My life is so much more expansive and fueled by my passions and purpose! I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have found this modality and to be able to transmit these codes to others.